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Rhys Millen and team just returned from southern Brazil last night after a Pikes Peak style hill climb. The event/filming took place at Rio Do Rastro in Brazil. Rhys Millen uses the Enkei PF01 on his Red Bull Hyundai Genesis. We’re looking forward to the video! Here are some words form Rhys Millen. (photo credit: Bruno Terena e Marcelo Maragni)

The event was amazing and we captured a ton of incredible footage. The piece will be called “Climb Attack 2 – Red Bull Extreme Drift Brazil” Many fans drove 10 plus hours after hearing we were going to be on the road and have already posted lots of self videos that have thousands of views over just a couple of days. Our piece will be edited over the next few weeks and will be nothing short of pure epic insanity !

We also did a time attack run the entire course the following day and set a very fast time as a base line to beat as Red Bull South America plan to hold an event on this road next year as a southern Hemisphere Pikes Peak style event.

Thanks again to you all for the support, both this video piece and the rally cross piece will have you glued to your seat ! Tell a friend ! – Rhys Millen

More info here (in Portuguese) http://www.jalopnik.com.br/conteudo/nossa-nova-pikes-peak-0

Click here for a few videos or Rhys Millen in Brazil –>


  1. Rhys Millen is a great representation of what is drift. Hes the top contender of all drift and hill climb sure to be a real Legend. I idol this man and hope to be something similar in success. I really look forward to seeing this video as his Hyundai genesis run was absolutely flawless drifting on every corner just flat-out racing. Although the video angles did not change much to outside views just makes me more excited to see this video when finished, because I know it will have what everyone is looking for.

  2. Fantastic – GREAT STUFF. I will be riding a motorcycle on the same road next year with this guys ( http://www.brazilonbikes.com ). Cant wait. That will my first time in Brazil, South America.



  1. Red Custom Sports - [...] RHYS MILEN RED BULL EXTREME DRIFT – RIO DO RASTROS – BRAZIL ... The piece will be called “Climb …

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