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ENKEI PF01 is now available in Matte Black (Special Order Only – Black RPF1 are only available in certain sizes and offsets.)
The already popular Enkei PF01 is now available in Matte Black! With its light weight and durability, the PF01 continues to be the hottest race wheel this year. The Wheel has been embraced by professional race car drivers such as Rhys Millen, Dan Gardner/Scion Racing, Joon Maeng/Bergenholtz Racing, and many others. It continues to pass the test of being a true high quality race wheel. Made with Enkei’s MAT technology, the PF01 is a light, racer-friendly wheel. The Matte Black PF01 is sized from 15”, 17” and 18”, with plenty of clearance for large brake calipers. The PF01 is a high quality, very lightweight wheel offered at a competitive price. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ENKEI PF01 NEWS


  1. i like!

  2. Hi,
    I really like the look of the PF01 in Matte Black.

    Do they come in 17×9 with 45mm Offset?

    How much would 4 wheels cost to ship to Sydney Australia for my MX5/Miata ?


  3. ohhhh man, where are the 16s”?? =(

  4. already got my 18×8 5×110 ordered and installed on my car they look great good price and nobody has them yet on a 09 ss/tc cobalt thanks enkei for making these wheels!!!

  5. Ordered 18 x 9.5, will be mounting on my RS4 over 370mm Alcon brakes. Can’t wait to get on the track at 17.9lbs per corner. Will save 27lbs per corner over stock with new wheels, tires, brakes and struts. All unsrpung!

    • Congrats on ur new wheels!! Enjoy them! Enkei PF01 for the win!!

  6. Just came across these, very nice!!! How would one go about ordering a set?

  7. Hi there,

    I’m interested in the ENKEI PF01 in matte black 17×8.5″ ET48or50 if available.

    If ET 50 is not available, is it then possible to modify a wheel with ET40 to a ET50 by the use of a turning lathe. Will the wheel still be ok.

    Best reagrds,


    • Jacob, we do not carry the 17×8.5 PF01 in ET48 or 50. We also do not recommend modifying the wheel in any form. Modifying the wheel will not only void the warranty on it but may also be unsafe to drive on. Thank you.

  8. how much do these rims weigh in 15×7 and 16×7 sizes?

    • Dirk, here are the weights you requested. 15×7 = 12.35lbs each and 16×7 = 14lbs each. Thank you.

  9. What’s the max vehicle weight for these wheels? I have a roughly 4000-lb Dakota R/T that would look great wearing a set of these (Will go so far as to swap BCP to fit them if they’re strong enough).

    • David, Thank you for your question. The PF01 in that bolt pattern will cary 1,500 lbs per wheel.

  10. Hi,I was wondering what the weight was for the PF01s in 17×8.5? Also do they come black in this size?

    • Hey Bryan, The weight for the 17×8.5 PF01 is 18.35 lbs each and they are available in black.

  11. Are these in back order like the RPF1s?



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