Dmitriy Brutskiy / Formula Drift

  • Team Name: Never Settle
  • Car Number: 85
  • Car Manufacturer: BMW
  • Wheels: Enkei TY-5 Tuning Series 

Against all odds, Dmitriy has achieved both the Pro2 and the Prospec Championship, back to back. First ever Prospec driver to do so, Mr. Never Settle continues to pursue the Championship once more while simultaneously raising the next generation of Professional Drifters.

From grassroots to ProAM to Formula Drift Pro2, the growth his team has experienced is tangible. Brutskiy is always eager to help a competitor, while also putting on a great show for the fans and his fellow drifters. Dmitriy travels from round to round with his wife and kids, raising them in the same lifestyle of Pro Drifting that he loves. His son, Jacob, is in pursuit of getting his ProAm license and hopes to one day drift alongside his dad.

This 2023 season we will see them back in their DriftHQ BMW E46, fresh chassis, fresh livery, and fresh spirits in pursuit of the Championship!

The Enkei TY-5

Dmitriy runs the Enkei TY-5 Tuning Series wheels on his Drift HQ Fromula Drift BMW. Dmitriy is running an 18×8.5 +38 in the front and 18×9.5 +15 in the rear. 

The Enkei TY-5 is an exciting entry in Enkei’s lightweight Tuning series. Utilizing a sleek combination of a split 5-spoke style with the center styling cues of a mesh wheel, the TY-5 is a great choice for a wide variety of wheels ranging from small sports coupes to full-size luxury cars. It is available in several exciting colors including hyper black, gloss black, and an all-new limited pearl black. The TY5 is available in concave and flat face profiles dependent on size and width, and includes Enkei’s signature flat center cap.

  • Sizes 18, 19
  • Hyper Silver, Gloss Black
  • Spec-E Inspected
  • MAT Technology