2012 Enkei Wheels Catalog Designed and Coordinated by Alex Nunez

Our 2012 catalog is printed and also now available for download on our home page! (or Click Here to download) In past years, we had two separate catalogs. A catalog for Racing Series and one for our National Brand (street wheels). We are happy to announce we have combined both catalogs. Not only to avoid any confusion but to make sure you are well aware of our large selection of wheel styles options. More photos –>

This year we introduce 8 new wheels which brings us to a total of 46 wheels to chose from. Check out the new wheels on our SEMA RE-CAP. Shown above is the new RSM9 Racing Series wheel.

As you know, Enkei is involve in multiple types of motorsports ranging from drift to rally cross to F1 open-wheeled racing. We include a few write ups on drivers and our evolvement in motorsports as testament to how tough and well made our wheels are. It’s one thing to “label” your wheels as “Performance” or “Racing”, it’s another to prove it on race tracks around the world. Below are a few more images the new catalog, but make sure to download the PDF version or visit your local Enkei dealer to pick up a mini version! – Alex

The new Raijin Tuning Series MAT mesh wheel.

The Apache II Classic Series wheel.