It all started 2 years ago in my garage.  A Honda Civic hatch chassis and a dream to build one of the fastest time attack cars on the planet.  

Built on a rotisserie and every part was purposely selected to be in/on the car.  I wanted the fabrication on the car to follow the best in the industry. This car (Rocket) is built to break records. All parts and components are the best in the industry. So it only makes sense that we would choose to run Enkei Wheels on the car from the beginning. Enkei Wheels are a company and product I truly believe in.

I wanted to keep the car front-wheel drive but also give the car the maximum amount of grip on the track.  During the fabrication of the chassis, we tubbed the front and rear wheel wells to fit an incredibly wide wheel and tire. 

Fitting 18×10.5 Enkei RPF1 up front and 17×9 in the rear. These wide racing wheels are wrapped in Toyo Tire (Front -295/35/18  Rear -255/40/17 ) and will give me the grip and the ability we need in a car that makes over 750 horsepower. 

Here is what 750 Horsepower looks like. Most of the custom carbon was done in-house. Notice the wheel well tub on the left and right side of this image. That partially allows us to run a wheel so wide on the car. Similar methods were used in the rear. Fortune Auto Suspension had the car stance and ride properly set up.

Fast forward and the build is complete and unveiled in the Exedy booth at PRI 2021. With the new livery and Enkei Wheels on full display, the car has huge expectations for the team. We are excited to announce our partnership with Enkei and look forward to racing the car at Time Attack events across the country in 2022.

See you at the track!