In this video, Alex unboxes and takes a closer look at the Enkei GTC02. This specific GTC02 is an 18×10.5 +15 5×114.3. The GTC02 is made using Enkei’s MAT process so you can expect it to be lightweight – but is it lighter than the Enkei RPF1? Check out the video and find out 🙂 

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Racing is where all of the best R&D happens. Engineers obsess over every detail looking for the slightest advantage to shave fractions of a second off of lap times. What we learn on the world’s premier circuits is eventually implemented into mainstream products and made available to the weekend racer. That’s how the new Enkei GTC02 was born. Based on the RA series wheels used in the Super GT racing series, the GTC02 pulls from the same bag of tricks as the RA series to give weekend racers the competitive edge they need to win. Utilizing a 6 split-spoke design that disperses stresses efficiently allows us to keep the spokes as thin as possible and make cuts in them on the fronts and sides to shave weight even further. The GTC02 is available in sizing ranging from 18×8 to 19×10.5 in a wide variety of PCD and offset configurations to fit most modern sports cars.

  • Sizes 18, 19
  • Hyper Silver or Matte Black
  • Spec-E Inspected
  • MAT Technology

        Made in Japan Wheels