A few Formula Drift drivers made it out to Texas Motor Speedway for “Ultimate Drift” including Tony Brakohiapa, Michael Essa, Jeff Abbott and Joon Maeng. The event was part of the Firestone Twin 275s Pre-Race Show. Though it was a non-championship point competition, it was still fun to watch and a great way to introduce the drift experience to new fans! The crowd was excited and responded with a loud roar after each run! Not surprisingly, half of the cars were on Enkei Wheels. Including Jeff Abbott’s drift Miata on Enkei PF01’s! It was my first time to see the car with PF01’s in person… I still don’t understand how Jeff Abbott (almost 6′ and 235 lbs) fits in that little car. Check out the photos and videos! – Alex
Photos and Video –> Jeff Abbott
Joon Maeng
Michael Essa
Tony BMost of the drivers are from the Los Angeles area so they’re not accustom to the Texas heat so they struggled to keep cool and hydrated. Luckily most of the drivers are good friends so Michael Essa offered his trailer to escape the sun.
Aasbo and Abbott ready for battle.
Joon Maeng and Tony B ready for battle. Tony’s Mustang caught fire during practice the day before due to a loose gas line so we were all surprised to see him back for the main event.
Michael Essa’s BMW Z4 on Enkei NT03+M Racing Series Wheels.