Saturday December 4th Motor Mavens held thier Mass Appeal Carshow in conjunction with the 2nd Gymkhana Grid Ken Block Invitational event at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, CA. If anyone knows anything about Motor Mavens, it is that thier taste in cars is unique and holds a high bar in terms of quality. So of course you could expect many of the finest and” flushest” were out to show off thier goods at this event. 

Despite the fact that my R32 GT-R is not sporting extreme negative camber or tucking her not so low offset ENKEI NTO3+M’s wrapped in Falken RT615K’s(that arent stretched) into the wheel wells, I decided to enter Godzilla into the carshow anyway. She has a custom Debeer 3 stage paint job with a ton of House of Kolor clear that is literally show car quality being prepped and painted by K&W Autobody where that is what they do, killer body work and paint. So, I think she has every right to be there too, she is certainly dressed for it!

2 days before the show I notified Antonio of Motor Mavens that we would like to come and do some hard parkin at the show, if he had the room of course. Antonio expressed “there is always room for you”….as if Godzilla were a fine dessert following a large meal.

Saturday I made my way to Irwindale and got to the track to find an already long line of slammed, flushed, bejeweled, curtained, bedazzled….well not really but alot of other show cars waiting also to enter the gates and begin thier detailing ritual.

As I showed up I noticed my friends at Falken had already set up thier rig with a few of thier competing drivers cars pitted on the side… it only be fitting that Godzilla be with her tire sponsor, Jay made sure Godzilla had a good place with her Falken family, parked directly in front of the Falken rig.


The show had close to a couple hundred cars being the side dish to the main Gymkhana Grid event, but had many spectators checking out all of the cars on display along with the Gymkhana competitors pits and visiting the multiple vendors booths on hand. Godzilla got alot of attention as she always does, and like always being the only R32 at the event.

Joon Maeng (fellow Enkei sponsored driver) had Lucas Oil at the event covering all things going on, including the carshow. They eventually made thier way around to find me for an interview to discuss all things Godzilla, racing, and of course the ever so wonderful Joon.

Like many automotive events, I saw a few friends and met some new ones. These events are more than just the cars, it is truly a culture, a lifestyle…a tradition even! Half the fun of attending or competing is seeing friends and making new ones!

The event began to come to an end,I said all my goodbye’s to friends and I made my way back to Godzilla after watching the Gymkhana Grid event. Fired her up and pulled her onto the trailor then proceeded to drive through the parking lot only to find Mr. Motor Mavens “Antonio” himself standing there pointing at a plaque. I jumped out of the truck and took whatever was in his hands only to realize he was handing me a trophy/plaque for the carshow. He stated we had 30 trophies to give out to selected entrants today out of all the cars who entered. We chose your car because we know how hard you have worked to make this happen, we give these to people who deserve it because they truly love doing this. Congratulations.

I accepted it with a smile and the utmost appreciation simply because they understand I do this because I LOVE to, I didnt buy my GT-R because I wanted to be the only kid on the block with a GT-R. I did it because this car has been my dream car for the last 10 years I have been doing “this”. To this day I still cannot believe how far I have come with this car…..I am living my dream. Thank you Motor Mavens for acknowledging my dream.

Kerryann De La Cruz (@kerryanndlc)