We had a great past weekend at VIR.

Friday was the Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge and which I entered the #88 Exedy Integra. I had a great battle with a Porsche 968 all day sharing the top spot in our class but came up 0.3 short in the end. I finished 2nd in class but was pleased with the finish overall. I’m certainly proud of the fact our #88 Integra has placed first or second in all three GRM UTCC events since 2007.

The other news is the 2nd Hondaworks Acura had it’s debut weekend. Kevin spent countless hours getting the car ready and we WILL be at Mid-Ohio, August 6-8 for the next round of SCCA World Challenge. The car was good right out of the box. We made a number of changes during the weekend but still have a list of things to do before the event.

The new Hondaworks engine set a RLZ Dyno record for n/a K24’s. The combination of Kelford, Wiseco, Hondata and Skunk2 made fantastic power. We were thrilled with the numbers and we are still waiting on a few important parts!

The brakes on the new RSX are wonderful. Again, the combination of DBA rotors, Powerbrake calipers and Carbotech pads has provided us what we think will be an advantage over our competitors.

The handling is coming along with help from Brain at AST. The RSX is certainly a lot different than the other Hondaworks cars but, in time it will be just as fast. Thanks to Brian for tech help over the phone all weekend.

The Hoosier Tires held up in the extreme heat well! We ran Hoosier A6’s all weekend with track temps over 130 and they performed great!

Koyo kept both cars cool at 100+ degrees all weekend.

Exedy’s Hypersingle clutch was flawless. Thanks to Evan and James for coming down for the weekend.

Thanks to all our other supporters, too. The products from Seibon, Enkei WHEELS. Hasport, Quaife, Ksport, FAL, APR, ASR and Sparco all performed perfectly. We are thrilled to have built a car with this many great partners and a special thanks to Motovicity for introducing us to many of you. Thank you again.

John and Kevin
Team Hondaworks