Media day- unveiled the 2022 livery. Filmed content with Throdle (new social media app, like Facebook but 100% automotive). Gave ride along’ s to media personnel. Made minor changes to car setup. Clutch feel was not great.

Return to the shop, replace clutch assembly with new unit. Clean and prep the car. Load up.

Load in day. Set up awning and pit space. Drivers meeting, photos and orientation. 7PM to 9PM, drive in the FD parade, park at the Pike shopping center, greet massive amounts of fans, sign autographs and hand out swag.

8 laps of practice, 1 qualifying lap. 1st practice session track was good with consistent grip. @nd practice and qual, track heated up and grip level changed drastically, very low grip in outside zones. Put together a decent lap and landed in 9TH place for qualifying.

Early AM practice. Track was cool and grip was somewhat consistent but changing quickly. Made a gearing change for more wheel speed and smoke. Worked better, but it was harder on the clutch. End of practice clutch was feeling iffy. Top 32 lead run, clutch was starting to go out. Follow lap lead car entry speed was very slow, when i got back on throttle, clutch slipped causing me to nearly straighten. Halftime break was very busy, more fans than we have ever had, lots of direct engagement. Filmed interviews for multiple online publications and vlogs.

Post Event:
Look for clutch upgrade solution. Prep car for Long Beach Grand Prix Super Drift event.