Skullcandy Team Nissan by CA Sport competes in Grand-am’s Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. For the 2013 season the team is campaigning two Nissan Altima Coupe ST cars in the series’ eleven races. Lara Tallman is the principal and owner of the Salt Lake City based team, originally from Southern California Lara is a product of that car culture and grew up helping her dad rebuild hot rods. Driving duties in the #33 car are shared by Lara and by lead driver and scrapper Vesko Kozarov—known for his aggression and relentless drive. Aside from driving, Lara’s team responsibilities include partner relations, marketing and the many logistics of motorsports. Vesko heads up the car development and design side of the company and has a proven track record of developing many competitive platforms over the last decade.

Skullcandy Team Nissan uses the 17×9 Enkei PF01 Racing series wheels.