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1989 Nissan 240SX – Juicy Whip
Even With Its Flashy Outside Appearance, This 240SX Remains True To Its Roots
By Joey Lee
Photography by Andy Bui

The term “Restorod” or “Restomod” is usually reserved for the domestic automotive community. It is probably best used to describe a classic vehicle that has been restored to spec while utilizing aftermarket performance modifications. For purists, it may be automotive sacrilege. They want everything to have numbers-matching and be period-correct. For others, they see it as the perfect mix of OEM-restoration and aftermarket parts.
In the import automotive community however, this term is probably unfamiliar. This is most likely due to the fact that the majority of the cars being built aren’t exactly cars that we consider to be “old” or “vintage” vehicles. Sure, the Fairlady Zs and Hakosuka Skylines are placed in that class but a vehicle the likes of a 240SX could never be a classic, right? It’s hard to imagine that some S13 240s are now over 20 years old! These cars blew up in a big way when drifting hit the U.S. Though it’s not exactly regarded as a classic, the S13’s popularity and almost cult-like following will eventually catapult it into collector-car status…..

The Fortune Auto units give Jared the flexibility to go as low as he wants and to close the distance between the fenders and the staggered 17×9.5/18×10.5 Enkei RPF-1s.

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