WMD adds Enkei RPF1’s and Toyo R888 tires to their project Miata. This is an ideal set up for a daily/track car.

Wheels and tires are usually the first upgrade or modification people do when modifying their cars. It was definitely at the top of our list as the right combination can dramatically change the look of the car and how it handles. We were looking for a light weight wheel and a meaty, grippy tire combo for our Miata. We found both with this combo: 14×7 +19 offset Gold Enkei RPF1 Racing Series Wheel and Toyo’s R888 205/55r14 meaty Proxes tires. The Miata previously had 15×7′s with 205/50/15 tires so we wanted a tire that would end up close to the overall diameter of the 15″ set up. The 55′s worked well and were only about an eighth of an inch smaller than the 15″ set up – though you can hardly see the difference. We headed over to Texas Track Works… Read more