PF01 “Sneak Peak” on ENKEI Facebook gets a good response! | Enkei Wheels

PF01 “Sneak Peak” on ENKEI Facebook gets a good response!

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The Enkei PF01 is one of two new Racing Series wheels added to Enkei’s 2010 wheel line up. Utilizing Enkei’s MAT flow-forming technology, the PF01 is designed to be an ultra light-weight wheel. The PF01 is engineered to exceed the RPF1’s weight benefit, taking Enkei’s light-weight racing wheel line to the next level.

Responding to popular demand, the PF01 offers a wide variety of applications including 15×8 and 18×10.5. This wheel also has a large brake caliper clearance to meet car enthusiasts’ needs.

PF01’s split five-spoke design represents its lightness and sporty feel. The subtle edge on the side of the spokes add a unique dimensional accent to its design. Our unique roulette-pattern is grooved on the rim to reduce the slippage ratio between tire and rim. The roulette-pattern maintains the best condition of the wheel and tire assembly, thus, achieving the highest performance during extreme acceleration and deceleration. The ENKEI PF01 will be available winter 2009/2010.

For more information or to find a dealer near you, please contact Enkei at 800-875-3100

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  1. Another thought.. Rather than a brand new wheel, why not just a new face for the RPF1? A flat faced 15 RPF1 with the same specs as your new wheel (15×8 +35) would kill it. I can’t wait to get my hands on a set of the 14x7s w/ the flat face.

  2. Just bought a set. 18×8.5 for my Subaru STI, 2006. Going to run with 235/40/18 Kuhmo esta tires, something like that. I’ll send you a pic once complete. Should be here in the next couple of days. Paid a pretty penny, but overall will look and feel better than the stock BBS’ 17×7.5. Potenza’s.

  3. when will they come out in gunmetal or black???

  4. The PF01 wheels look great and so does the weight. How about a 17×8.5 with a 50+ offset to better fit the S2000? The 17×7 with the 48 offset should fit the fronts nicely, but I doubt the 17×8.5 with the 40 offset will fit the rears without some mods.


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