In a blink of an eye, another SEMA has came and went. It was another successful SEMA for us at ENKEI Wheels. We enjoyed visiting with everyone who stopped by and had a great time showing off our new wheels. Kerryann De La Cruz joined us again through out the show signing autographs, taking photos, videos, etc. More pics and full recap of SEMA 2011 here –>

But Mis De La Cruz had tough competition! The Datsun 510 sporting the newly re-introduced Apache 2’s had people reminiscing of the good ol days, had others re-sparking their interest in the classic Japanese car movement, and younger people finding a new found love for the classics. You could’t be in our booth for over a minute without someone stopping by to not only take a pic of the car but to take one with the 510. We re-introduced the ENKEI92 and J-SPEED (now available in Red) last year with great success and are happy to keep growing the Classic line with the highly anticipated Apache II. Also, a big THANK YOU to Sebastian (owner) who trailered this beauty from San Diego for us! Several well known car guys stopped by the booth to check out the 510 and the new wheels.

Including TV guy and one of the host of Top Gear, Rutledge Wood. Rutledge is in the process of rebuilding his 1983 Honda Civic wagon (w/ENKEI92’s) so when visiting the booth, he headed straight to the 510 to check it out.

Red Bull Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck also stopped by to say hello. Ryan Tuerck has some great projects in the works for 2012! If everything pans out as planned, it’s going to be a crazy 2012 season. Stay tuned!

Our friend Mike Kojima of MotoIq to check out the new wheels and…

…also to give us his “all about stance” look next to the AFi Turbo S2K. Hilarious.

The S2000 was displaying the new Racing Series PF01SS which was specifically designed for the S2K. Being a REAL track car, we had many request to open the hood! Unfortunately we were unable to grant their request but anyone who keeps up with time attack has seen this monster on the track or online.

One of our favorite privateers Nate Hamilton stopped by as well. Hamilton has a new car being built by 2009 Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg for 2012. Hamilton has run Enkei RPF1’s for a while but is thinking of making the switch to the PF01. Looking forward to seeing him grow and excel as a driver!

This year we introduced eight new wheels. Including the new 9 spoke Racing Series RSM9. The RSM9 is a high end lightweight wheel which will be available in 17, 18, and 19 inch in a sporty piano black finish.

As shown on the S2000 above the PF01SS is an addition to our highly demanded PF01. The PF01SS offers a lip and two new color configurations to the already popular PF01. Available in 17×8 and 17×9 only and in silver, matte black, white with machined lip and black with machined lip.

enkei raijin

The highly anticipated Raijin MAT Tuning mesh wheel. The Raijin will come in an 18×8, 18×8.5 and 18×9.5 with offsets ranging as high as +50 and as low as +15. As far as colors, it will be available in a Matte Black, Hyper Silver and a special order Titanium Gray.

The Classic Series Apache II which won the SEMA New Product Media Award. The Apache II will be available in 15×7 +38, 15×8 +25 and in a highly requested 15×8 zero offset.

Side note, that makes 3 years straight for us winning the award. This year the Apache 2, last year the ENKEI92 and the year before with the PF01.

The GP5 Performance Series wheel which will come in a Silver Machined (shown), SBC (Chrome like finish), and in Silver. The GP5 will be available in 16×7.5, 17×8, 18×8 and 18×9. It will also be offered in BMW fitments with a larger wheel cap hole designed to allow the driver the option to use their factory BMW caps.

The SR6 Performance Series wheel will be available in sizes 15×6.5, 16×7, 17×7.5, and 18×8. Available in a Gunmetal or Matte Bronze.

We have two new Truck and SUV Series wheels for 2012 and both are getting a great response. The ST6 shown above will be available in 17×8, 18×8.5, and 20×9.5 in a really cool Matte Gunmetal or a clean Silver Machined.

The SVX will be available in 18×8 or 20×8.5 in a Silver Machined and Black Machined finish.

All in all a fun and productive show. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and the owners of both cars! Sebastian with the Datsun 510 and Mike and Brad from AFi Turbo with the Time Attack Honda S2000. Thanks for helping us out! Looking forward to an awesome 2012! – Alex