Emelia Hartford S14 Youtube Enkei RS05RR Long Nights Crewneck Hoodie
Emelia Hartford is an Automotive Youtuber and Amateur Racer, more recently known for her appearance in Netflix’s “Fastest Car” with her green Nissan 240sx S14 featured on Enkei Wheels. “I am here to show you a little about my A1 since day 1, my ride or die, my LS Swapped 1995 Nissan 240sx S14 Zenki named Envy. The car is riding on some super sexy RS05RR Gun Metallic Wheels with 18×9.5 +22 in the front and 18×10.5 +15  in the rear. Wheels are wrapped in some sticky icky Nexen Sur4 245/35R18 in front and SU1 275/35R18 in the rear.”
Emelia Hartford S14 Youtube Enkei RS05RR Long Nights Crewneck Hoodie
“A little history, I picked this car up in Bloomington Indiana when I was 17 (shoutout B-Crew!), already swapped on leaking bags, overheating, running terribly, spewing black smoke, wouldn’t hold an idle, and more. Did some of the basics and shortly drove it cross country to Los Angeles. I then had the car sitting for a while before I picked up a vlog camera and set a goal to build her into a drift car and learn to drift in a month. I didn’t realize how much work was needed but it was a huge learning experience for me.”
Nissan S14 Wheels RS05RR
“We ended up touching nearly every inch of the car and slowly got everything set up correctly and running well. We started with the engine, we ended up fixing multiple vacuum leaks, the O2 sensors were on the incorrect sides so the car was fighting itself in closed loop. Dropped in a fatty radiator and two big Spal fans and cooling hasn’t been an issue since. After getting the engine healthy we started working suspension. We installed full GKTech Wide Angle Kit and rear arms, replaced all the bushings, welded the diff and installed CX Racing Coilovers revalved by Feal Suspension. We fixed a nasty leaking master cylinder, redid all brake lines and installed R33 dual calipers in the rear with a Sikky Hydro.”
“Then upgraded the engine with Katech CNC ported heads, Comp Cams camshaft, valve train, FAST intake, throttle body, and injectors. While the motor was out, we dropped in an ACT Prolite Flywheel and HD Sprung Clutch, and switched over to a Haltech 2500 with their latest and greatest IC7 dash connected via Wiring Specialties pro harness. We swapped out some old busted knock off seats for Sparco Evo’s, caged the car and installed Street Faction seat delete, door cards and heel plates. We then covered it all up with a custom Hermes Performance two-tone interior paint job that I think came out soo good!!”
Enkei RS05RR Racing Wheels the best wheels for drifting
s14 steering wheel and racing sparco seats
Drift car livery ECrew Emelia Hartford Nissan S14
“Last touch was a custom livery inspired by Period Correct, final design by AWS Graphics and pulling off the impossible wrap was Extreme Wraps.”
Nexen Tire Drift car Emelia Hartford
“My goal for the car has always been a clean, well-kept, but fully functional race car. I think she came out amazing and is probably one of the cleanest drift cars that actually see’s the track. The car now performs better than ever and I can’t be more thankful for Enkei supporting and believing in me since day one!” If you want to check out some of Emelia’s content, she’s documented the whole build. She also has some pretty crazy projects going on right now, including a Track Built Twin Turbo C8 Corvette, 1979 Buick Regal Manual Drag Car, and a Subaru GC8 EJ207 Build.

Photos by Larry Chen

Follow Emelia on Youtube: Youtube.com/c/EmeliaHartford or Instagram: @ms.emelia

1995 240sx S14

5.7L LS1 Aluminum Block
Katech CNC Ported LS6 Heads
Comp Cams Custom Ground Cam
Comp Reduced Travel Lifters
Comp Hi-Tech Pushrods 5/16”, 7.400”
Comp LS2 Adjustable Timing Set
Comp Max- Lift BSR Shaft Rockers
FAST Billet Fuel Rails
FAST 60lb/hr Injectors
FAST 102mm Gen III Intake Manifold
FAST 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body
Melling High Volume Oil Pump
Custom 4″ Intake w/ K&N Air Filter
Mishimoto Carbon Fiber Catch Can
GM T56 transmission
Pro 5.0 shifter
ACT Prolite Flywheel
ACT HD/Perf Sprung Clutch
Custom steel driveshaft
Hinson Engine Mounts
Hinson Headers
GTO Front Sump Oil Pan with Improved Racing Baffle
Koyo performance 4” Radiator
Dual Spal 12” Fans w/ Shroud

PPG Custom Paint Job
Seibon OEM style carbon-fiber hood with AeroCatch hood locks
Extreme Dimensions front bumper, rear bumper and C-West side skirts
JDM Zenki front grille
Supermade Zenki headlights
D-Max Zenki front corner lights, side markers and rear roof spoiler
Origin 30mm front fenders and 30mm rear fenders
Intense Power LED taillights
Engine Management
Haltech Elite 2500 ECU
Wiring Specialties Pro Series Harness

FEAL rebuilt CX Racing Coilovers
GKTech V3 Offset Strut Tops
GKTech V4 Superlock Pro Drift Front Drop Knuckles
GKTech V2 High Clearance Front Lower Control Arms
GKTech V4.2 Tension Rods
GKTech Tie Rods
Coming Soon: GKTech Full Rear Suspension Kit

OEM R33 Front and Dual Rear Brake Calipers
Sikky Hydraulic E-Brake
Custom Machined Dual Caliper Bracket with Additional R33 Rear Calipers
OEM Z32 Brake Master Cylinder
Wheels & Tires
Enkei RS05RR Gun Metallic Wheels 18 x 9.5 + 22(F) 18 x 10.5 + 15 (R)
Nexen Sur4 Tires 245/35R18 (F) 275/35R18 (R) Tires

Sparco Evo 2 Seats
Custom 8 point roll cage with foot intrusion bars
Nardi “Maziora Edition” 350mm steering wheel
OEM Corvette Z06 shift knob
Street Faction Rear Seat Delete
Street Faction Door Cards
Street Faction Gusseted Heel Plates
Full Interior 2 Tone Paint