It was an amazing Formula Drift event at Road Atlanta! Crazy driving, crazy fans, great weather and plenty of cars with Enkei Wheels. This is what makes this round such an incredible experience. First, the Gardella Racing team debut of Ryan Tuerck‘s Red Bull Mobil1 Camaro received a great response from drift fans and the media! Ryan Tuerck’s Camaro, equipped with Enkei RPF1 Racing Series wheels, qualified 2nd Friday afternoon and made it to Top 16 Saturday night.
photo by Alex NunezTuerck was previously driving the Gardella Solstice on Enkei PF01s now being piloted by Eric O’Sullivan. Which reminds me, Eric O’Sullivan put a beating on the Solstice Saturday night and the PF01 Racing Series wheels where unfazed (video soon)!
Joon Maeng in the Nitto Tire Bergenholtz RX8 with Enkei PF01s qualified and ran strong in Top 32 along with Michael Essa in the BMW Z4 with Enkei NT03+Ms and Charles Ng in the RX7 with PF01s. Rhys Millen, the 2005 Formula Drift champ, had some unfortunate electrical problems and did not run Saturday for the main event. More HERE on Rhys Millen’s weekend at Road Atlanta.
As most Formula Drift drivers know, Road Atlanta is a rough track to drive on so it is imperative drivers have a strong lightweight wheel that can take a beating from time to time. Enkei provides many wheels proven to be of that caliber. Make sure to check out our full line of Racing, Tuning, Performance, Classic, Luxury Sport and Truck Wheels on our website. Congratulations to Dai Yoshihara, Darren McNamara and Toshiki Yoshioka for their wins at Road Atlanta this past weekend! Enjoy the photos and feel free to share them with friends and other motor sport fans! – Alex

photos by Alex Nunez