Photo by Larry Chen

It was another full house at Formula Drift Round 1 in Long beach. With a record crowd of 18,000 over the two day event and a record number of 60+ drivers. As always, we (Enkei) were on hand to witness the battle and to see our wheels put to the rigorous test of drifting!

The highly anticipated Mobil 1 GoPro Camaro was seen in action for the first time and did not disappoint. Driven by veteran driver and good friend Tyler McQuarrie, the media and fans were excited to see what the newly established team had in store for the season opener. Tyler is running Enkei RPF1 an 18″ in the fronts and 19″ in rears wrapped with Yokohama tires.

Tyler qualified 7th, made it to Top 8 and finished 6th in points, tied with Rhys Millen.

Rhys Millen finished 6th in the Hyundai Genesis on Enkei PF01 Racing Series wheels.

The nicest guy in drifting Joon Maeng didn’t make it to Top 8 but had some good runs in the Nitto Tire Mazda RX8 on Enkei PF01 Racing Series wheels. One thing about Joon is no matter what happens on the track, his pit is always filled with his fans and Joon is always there to greet them and sign autographs.

Here’s a snap of Michael Essa’s BMW Z4 on Enkei NT03+M Racing Series wheels.

Toshiki Yoshihara finished 15th (out of 60+) in his RS*S Nissan Silvia S15 on Enkei RPF1 Racing Series Wheels.

All in all a great turn out and a great line up of drivers. Looking forward to Round 2 in Atlanta where you better have a strong wheel (or multiple replacements) or you won’t make it past qualifying! Check out the photo gallery and short video or Tyler explaining his switch to a 19″ rear wheel. – Alex