Grassroots Drifting Nissan 240sx s13
Howdy, Folks! My Name is Patrick Carson and I drive that pretty, blue 240SX, better known as the “Good Feeling Machine”. The sleek, champagne 240SX coupe belongs to my good friend Alex Smargiasso. They say good things come in pairs, so this write up will be split into two features! Photography by Ray Fair

I have been drifting in Texas since 2013. After a few rough years of drifting in my First S13, it eventually turned into a crumpled beer can. So I acquired another S13 shell and built this car in the winter of 2017 with the purpose of competing in the Lone Star Drift “Texas Street Legal” series.
It Started in Japan t-shirt Patrick Carson 240SX S13 Lone Star Drift
Now going into 2020 with several event wins and multiple top 3 series finishes, the car has definitely served its original purpose and taken me so much further than I imagined since then.
In addition to drifting, I have also racked up a ridiculous amount of street miles on the car. It is important to me to be able to enjoy the car on the street as well as the track.
The car takes visual inspiration from Kansai drifters & the early 2000’s era of drifting and blends it with modern drift car styling.
While it is currently in need of a cosmetic refresh, it is currently sporting a Works9 body kit paired with Origin type 3 style 55mm fenders. The subtle chrome vinyl livery complements the color and overall flow of the car very well.
what monsters do
My favorite, most unique part of the car is the BN Sports inverted hatch.
The suspension setup is very simple. BC Racing DR Series Coilovers, ISR Performance adjustable arms, extended lower control arms and D. Rogers cut knuckles.
Enkei TX-5 Tuning Series Lightweight wheels - what monsters do
When I was building this car, I was given the choice between several Enkei Tuning Series wheels to run. I remembered seeing an Enkei Wheels ad of Aaron Losey’s red S15 on the Enkei TX5 wheels and thought they looked so cool! I loved the concave design with the sharp spokes. Since then the car has been rolling on 18×9.5 +15 TX5 wrapped in Kenda Tire KR20a’s.
SR20DET What Monsters Do Patrick Carson
Now for the good stuff. The drivetrain is powered by a built SR20DET. Darton sleeved block, Wiseco Pistons, Eagle Rods, BC valve springs and retainers, port & polished head, and stock cams. Paired with that setup is an OEM Garrett S15 Turbo running stock boost, stock injectors and stock tuned ECU. Engine cooled by a Koyorad N-Flo radiator and stock fan. All topped off with an s13.5 hybrid valve cover and a fancy “Corsa Tec” catch can setup made by Alex.
S13 SEMA Hoonigan Burnyard
Coolest thing I’ve gotten to do with this car is taking it to SEMA last year and shredding the Hoonigan Burnyard for the whole week! It was an incredible experience! Thank you to Enkei Wheels and What Monsters Do for helping me get there!
Enkei Drifting Wheels s13 240sx Nissan
This car has given me an immeasurable amount of experience and happiness. It is constantly improving and evolving in small ways and I look forward to the many more adventures I get to have with this thing.
Patrick Carson and Alex Smargiasso's Lone Star Drift S13 240sx Nissan Texas Drifting
Check back later this week for Part 2 with Alex Smargiasso’s 240SX also on Enkei TX-5!

Written by Patrick Carson | Photography by Ray Fair