Enkei Wheels is proud to introduce a completely new wheel to its tuning series. The Fujin, named after the Japanese god of wind, is made for enthusiasts looking for a light, strong, and stylish wheel at a very affordable price point.  It is built using the same MAT technology as the Enkei racing series wheels and is available in 17 and 18-inch configurations to fit a wide variety of vehicles. 

The low weight, high strength, and value pricing of the Fujin make it ideal for those looking for improved performance and sleek styling without breaking the bank.  All of these features are sure to make the Fujin a common sight at autocross events and track days everywhere. Click HERE to visit the FUJIN page!!
• Sizes 17 or 18″
• Black or Silver
• Spec-E Inspected
• MAT Technology
• 18×8 is about 19.5lbs
• 17×7.5 is about 17.5lbs

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^Mazda3 with black Enkei Fujin Tuning Series Wheel.
^Subaru STi with black Enkei Fujin Tuning Series Wheel.