This is the start of the inaugural Drift Week of 2020, where Lone Star Drift invited various drifters from around the world to participate in an epic journey of drifting across the USA. The start of the trip will be deep in the heart of Texas, at Harris Hill Raceway, where all the drifters have assembled in the early morning. Some drivers decided to bring out some ridiculous cars for a road trip this long, while others opted for the simple and reliable route.  Time will tell who picked the best combo of on-track performance vs on-street comfort!  (Enkei Wheels is an official sponsor of Drift Week)

Here we have Aaron Losey, of Lone Star Drift and the host of Drift Week, with his 1JZ powered SC300 that was built just for this trip. The car hasn’t had one lap of testing yet and was finished just hours before the adventure started. That is how drifters work, through both extreme procrastination and lack of planning. It’s running on a combination of Enkei RPF1 and NT03+M‘s.

Next is Adam LZ, coming from Florida, with his super clean JZX100 Chaser all kitted up with Origin body parts. Will it make the whole adventure in one piece? Time will tell!

David Mesker 350z Enkei RPF1

David Mesker, originally from St. Louis but residing in Denver, Colorado now, shows us his JDM pose on top of his super always reliable 350z for the trip. For years he dreamed of chasing the Formula D dream, but now he is regularly seen traveling the world to drive at some of the coolest grassroots events around.

Luke Fink G35 G37 Drift Car

Coming from halfway around the world, the land down under, Australia, is Luke Fink showing us how to strike a supermodel pose on his family saloon, which is filled up by his whole family of 4 on this trip. The car will have completed over 10,000 miles of street driving within 40 days by the time this adventure is over!

Dustin Miles and the Fifto Culture crew 240SX S13 Drift car

Dustin Miles and the Fifto Culture crew, coming all the way from Georgia, had one of the more stylish cars in Formula Drift and Drift Week. Driving a car this low across the country is a test of will and zip ties!

Matt Field Corvette Drift Car

This 500+hp Corvette is piloted by Matt Field, from California, probably had the most power best highway MPG out of the group. The car has to be a fan favorite! Drifting is evolving quickly!

Trevor Jameson Mustang Drift 2JZ Swapped Ford Mustang

Trevor Jameson, of Motionautotv out of Colorado, wanted to be unique and make his life difficult by bringing out a 2JZ swapped mustang that he built within 2-3 weeks just for this trip. His YouTube channel documents the journey, so take some time to go see how he accomplished the swap.

Rudy Hansen Corvette Drift Car Drift Week

Rudy Hansen, of Idaho, has endured the most hardship so far. He brought a road race C4 Corvette with no roof to trek across the USA in freezing weather with us. By the time he arrived at the first track day of #driftweek, he had already traveled more than 1000 miles through deep snow and freezing conditions, with no roof, windows, or heat. Ski suits and a good spirit got them through the cold!

Brandon Wicknick, coming from Utah, brought his 2JZGTE swapped IS300 towing his self-built trailer along for the ride. The Lexus combines JDM aesthetics along with the reliability of the 1990s Toyota inline-six magic that we have come to respect and love. If you are going on a 3,500-mile road trip, these things are super important, as is the ability to bring 3 of your best friends along to enjoy the journey!

Over the course of the next 12 days, we will be posting updates on the adventure, drama, and hardships the drivers endure and overcome to take on the first-ever #driftweek! (Photos and text provided by Aaron Losey)

Lone Star Drift Week is brought to you by Enkei Wheels, What Monsters Do, Fitfo, and BC Racing.